California man arrested for cold case murder of woman found dead in cornfield

A California man already behind bars for one 1975 murder was charged last week with allegedly shooting and killing another woman in 1980 after new DNA evidence connected him to the slaying, the Solano County Sheriff’s Office announced. 

Holly Ann Campiglia, a 21-year-old woman from New Jersey, was found dead with multiple gunshot wounds in August 1980 near a cornfield in Dixon, California, a small town about 20 miles southwest of Sacramento. 

She was initially listed as a Jane Doe, but a coroner was able to identify her in 1992 after the National Missing Persons Unit contacted local authorities. 

Holly Ann Campiglia was found shot to death in August 1980 in Dixon, California.  (Solano County Sheriff’s Office)

The case went cold for decades until Campiglia’s family asked the Solano County Sheriff’s Office to take another look at her murder in 2021. 


Working with a private lab, detectives were able to acquire a male DNA sample from pieces of evidence taken from the scene. That DNA was then submitted to a database at the San Mateo Crime Lab, which came back as a match for Herman Lee Hobbs, a 76-year-old man already in prison for a different 1975 murder. 

Detectives collected a fresh DNA sample from Hobbs, which again matched the male DNA found at the scene. 

Herman Lee Hobbs, 76, was charged last week with the 1980 murder of Holly Ann Campiglia. 

Herman Lee Hobbs, 76, was charged last week with the 1980 murder of Holly Ann Campiglia.  (Solano County Sheriff’s Office)

Hobbs was transferred from Valley State Prison to the local jail in Solano County and charged with Campiglia’s murder on Friday. He’s next due in court on March 13, according to jail records. 


Hobbs was convicted of the separate 1975 murder in 2005. He also was serving time for unlawful sex with a victim under 16, which he was convicted of in Yuba County in June 2001, a California Department of Corrections spokesperson told Fox News Digital. 

Detectives are now investigating whether other cases could be linked to Hobbs. Anyone with information about Campiglia’s murder or other criminal incidents involving Hobbs can reach the Solano County Sheriff’s Office at 707-784-7050.

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